Vintage Pieces

Timeless Classics for modern style

Vintage Jewelry will always be in style. The quality craftsmanship and unique designs will add a classic flair to anyone’s jewelry collection. Many of the amazing pieces for sale in our gift shop have not been in circulation for decades.

Find the perfect piece that reminds you of a time in your past, perhaps your childhood memories of trying on grandma’s jewelry, or something made during an important year of your life.

Sterling silver pieces with aquamarine, onyx, pearls and more await your next visit. Don’t miss your chance to add these treasures of the past to the story of your future.

Memories from every era

Each Piece Tells a Story

The Vintage jewelry collection at Lightning Ridge Farm is home to some of the most stylish pieces from every era. Every piece has its own character and tells a story about the period it was crafted.

The average person didn’t have a vast collection of jewelry during the early vintage eras. This made each piece very special and usually signified a major mile stone in someone’s life.

These rings, necklaces and bracelets almost always had a symbolic design that was important to the original owner. The color choices and design of piece all tell a story that is waiting for you to uncover.