Just honey, no additives

Local Sweetness from Local Bees

Sample some of the finest local honey Rhode Island has to offer. This isn’t anything like that stuff that comes in that plastic bear container from your local supermarket. It’s like enjoying a freshly picked apple from the orchard versus apple sauce from a can .There is almost no comparison.

The honey is made in small batches and comes directly from local bee keepers that take great pride in their work. No additives and never heat processed, this pure honey contains all of the natural health benefits that nature intended.

Farmer's market favorites

Farm Fresh on Your Schedule

Bring home all of your farmer’s market favorites. Farm fresh eggs, maple syrups and delicious salsa are just a few delights that you will find. Everything is made from the finest locally sourced ingredients and 100% certified amazing for your taste buds.

If you have a busy schedule or just missed the outdoor markets season, Lightning Ridge Farm has you covered. Come and visit the shop whenever you have craving for some great farm to table foods.

Everything is always made in small batches with old fashion techniques, character and love.

The Farm Fresh Difference

Local farmers are some of the hardest working members of the community.  These farmers put their hearts and souls into creating some of the most wholesome and healthy foods available.  Our relationship with these hard working folks allows us to offer their best products to you, any time of the year.

Are you tired of needing a chemistry degree to decipher the ingredients on food labels from the supermarket?  Do you miss the days when strawberry jam only had strawberries in it, without a long list of preservatives and dyes?

At Lightning Ridge Farm, you can learn exactly where all of your favorite foods come from.  Say goodbye to products that were imported from halfway around the globe and might be full of unknown chemicals.  Factory farms and processing plants from mega corporations cannot compete with the quality and freshness from your local farms.

Support your local farmers by bringing home some great all natural foods for your family.